Padel Market Size

  • Padel business is booming. The padel market size is currently estimated at US$327 million in 2022 and is forecasted to grow at 9.6% through 2027 (Brainy Insights).
  • Most of the market is made up of the sales of rackets, balls, shoes, bags and other accessories.
  • The fastest-growing sport in the world, padel has over 25 million players across 110 countries.
  • Italy, Sweden, and Belgium are expected to be the “other” padel hubs of Europe.
  • Padel is easy to learn, fun to play, and can be enjoyed in ever more countries around the globe as court construction seeks to catch up with demand.

Key Padel Statistics

Figures for 2023

  • There are currently an estimated 40,000 padel courts globally as of 2022 with an expected growth rate of 26% through 2025 (Padel Lands, All For Padel, Local federations).
  • Market size: The padel market size is estimated at US$327 million in 2022 and is forecasted to grow at 9.6% through 2027 (Brainy Insights, Business Research Insights).
  • Female players make up 37.5% of recreational players (Brainy Insights)
  • 54% of padel players are 26 years old and above (Brainy Insights)

TTI Sports and Padel

  • TTI is the premier supplier of padel ball coverings in the world
  • As Padel differs from tennis in that it is played on a different-sized court with varying different surfaces then a padel felt covering is exposed to a different set of factors entirely than a tennis ball
  • Add to that the fact that a Padel rally can consist of almost 4-5 times from ball strikes than a normal tennis rally
  • TTI has developed more robust covers that can match the speed, the predictability of bounce from the varying surfaces and the overall wear required to match Padel players needs

Padel Court Dimensions


At, 20×10 meters. Padel Courts are one-third of the size of a tennis court.

Padel courts are 20×10 meters, while a tennis court is 36×18 meters. Three padel courts can fit into one tennis court.

A padel net is 92 centimeters at the sides and 88 centimeters in the center, comparedwith a tennis net height of 106.5 cm at the posts and 91.5 cm in the center.

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