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TTI Sports International has an impressive history as the world’s leading supplier of woven and needled tennis felt. Giving tennis ball manufacturers a range of felt options has helped define TTI’s global dominance in the tennis felt market. Our textile technology expertise allows us to create advanced specialty felts.

TTI Sports International works with individual customers to design felts that meet specific performance criteria. Customers who require engineered felt for specific court surfaces can count on TTI to meet their needs. The selection of the ideal raw material, proper blends, and unique felt finishing ensure optimum felt performance.

Year in and year out, TTI Sports continues to be the number one choice of Penn, Wilson and other premiere tennis ball makers.


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TTI Sports possesses critical manufacturing knowledge and offers a range of manufacturing capabilities encompassing all price points.


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  • Tournament Grade tennis felt is produced on traditional high-speed weaving looms using both projectile and rapier looms.

  • High performance woven, woolen felts are the result of custom fiber blends and specialty finishing including napping, fulling, and dyeing.

  • Innovative product development has incorporated various specialty fibers into these woven felts in order to improve performance.


  • The needling process is versatile and offers a wide range of weight and density for felt used on championship grade balls.

  • The precision needling process uses specialty felting needles to accomplish the mechanical interlocking of the fibers, resulting in a compacted, felted material.

  • The versatility of the needling process creates the possibility for innovative felt design.

Acrylic Non-Woven

  • Offered as a lower cost, non-woven alternative, this product is made with solution dyed fibers in a blend of acrylic and polyester.
    – Scrim-less design that requires no finishing.

  • This product is normally used for low cost, pressure-less tennis balls.
    – No pressurized packaging is required.

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